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Press and social media

The European Medicines Agency's (EMA) press office deals with enquiries from media on matters relating to the work of the Agency. EMA also manages a number of social-media channels to update users on latest developments.

Press office

The EMA press office opening hours are Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00 Central European Time.

The press office deals with enquiries from media only.

EMA press office Tel.?+31(0)88 781 8427? E-mail:?press@ema.europa.eu

Mailing address?European Medicines Agency,?PO Box 71010, 1008 BA Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For enquiries from the general public and other parties, please seeSend a question to the European Medicines Agency

If you would like to use the EMA logo, follow the instructions inLogo and visual identity.

Social media

We adapt and expand our social media offering based on evidence about our users' needs and what we are able to offer them.


twitter logo
Our Twitter handle is @EMA_News.

We use Twitter to keep you updated on what is happening at EMA. We tweet links to news, events, public consultations, newly approved human medicines, scientific and regulatory guidelines and EMA job vacancies. We also re-tweet posts on science, medicines and health from other Twitter users that we consider of interest for our own Twitter followers.

We sometimes use Twitter to post live updates during major EMA events, alongside a live video broadcast on the EMA website.

Twitter is a free social networking site where you can post short messages (or 'tweets') and read other people's. Once you have signed up to Twitter you can use the 'follow' button on our profile to receive all our updates.


You TubeOur YouTube channel is European Medicines Agency.

We use YouTube to publish recorded video and audio content from our major meetings, events and training workshops. We have also published short videos on themes such as orphan medicines, additional monitoring of medicines and the EU pharmacovigilance legislation.

YouTube is a free content-sharing platform for sharing video and audio recordings.

Separately from YouTube, we also broadcast some of our major events live on the EMA website.


LinkedInEMA has a LinkedIn profile where we post our latest job vacancies. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can use this to stay updated on the latest EMA vacancies.

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site used by companies, organisations and individuals to create profiles and share information about career opportunities.

RSS feeds

RSSWe offer a range of RSS feeds, which allow you to stay updated on the latest news and features from the EMA website.

RSS feeds automatically deliver content to your RSS news reader, which you need to download and install before subscribing to our feeds. To learn more about RSS and news readers, read our RSS guide.

Share button

Share You can use the 'share' button on each page of the EMA website to share a link to that page with your contacts via your social media accounts.

Other social media platforms


On Facebook you can find a page about EMA. We do not own or manage this page. While Facebook is a widely-used social networking website, we currently do not plan to communicate with our stakeholders using Facebook.

Wikipedia and collaborative platforms

You can find content on EMA and its activities on Wikipedia and other collaborative platforms. This content has been produced independently which we do not oversee.

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